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It's been a while since I last touched this pink monstrosity of a website, and I've been thinking that maybe it's time I put it to good use again. By this, I mean that I'll natter on where all of four people, two of whom are sock puppets, will ever see it.

I like to think of myself as a man of reason, of understanding and of rationality. I like to think that I'm the kind of man who can overlook the bad and see through to the good, or at least the tolerable. I also like to think of myself as incredibly good looking. What I'm driving at is that while these thoughts build up my self-esteem, they aren't necessarily true. While I may have a baby face I'll appreciate at 35 and an almost superhuman ability to tolerate SciFi Original movies, I absolutely cannot bring myself to appreciate the Star Wars Extended Universe.

Strangely, I try not to talk or think about the EU. This isn't because its mere existence troubles me, but because discussion of it always leads me back to it, and once I return to it, I am inevitably burned. I somehow work myself up to accepting that it'll be different this time, and it. Never. Is. It is always bad, and I always come away from it pissed off and inexplicably offended.

The Star Wars EU is my crazy, freaky girlfriend and I am too stupid to quit coming back no matter how bad I hate her. Just one last little fling, I think to myself. And it's always the same bullshit, and I always come away from it worse off. The relationship is so filled with abusive vitriol and inexplicable attraction that we have agreed to just not talk anymore. Our friends know not to bring the relationship up. That is how bad it is.

It's easy to explain what the EU is to me, but it's decidedly more difficult to explain exactly why I hate it so much. The reasons are many and varied, but the most central issue is that I cannot ignore it. No matter how bad it is, how contradictory it is, or how much I'd love for it never to have existed, every entry into the EU is some level of canon that other nerds will at some point use in an argument. Fanfiction is almost universally bad, but I can deny its relevance. I have no such luxury with the EU.
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