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While this is ostensibly a journal for my writing endeavors, it's hard for me to ignore the fact that I have an enormous e-boner for writing in the form of just letting fly the vitriolic rambling. If I don't feel like writing a narrative, but still feel like writing, it's likely that I'll just do this. Complaining or gushing.

Every week, I'll be trying to get one of these up until I ultimately exhaust my store of things that I just don't fucking understand the point/appeal of. This is not an appeal to anyone reading this to explain or defend the items mentioned, nor should it be confused with the related but dissimilar feature, "Shit I Don't Like."

I feel like an old person in that I do not adequately understand the appeal of Facebook. Actually, wait, I take that back. I do understand the appeal, at least in theory. I know why Facebook was originally conceived, I know many parents use it to keep tabs on their geographically/emotionally estranged children. I am all over that; that makes sense to me.

What doesn't make sense to me is Facebook's explosive, pervasive appeal to what often feels like every single person in North America except me. Additionally, I get inexplicably pissed off at myself for not getting Facebook when I totally get Twitter. I understand that sometimes there's shit you want to say that doesn't necessitate the use of 140 characters, much less a blog post of 140 words. I understand that Twitter was conceived with the intent of being compatible with even the shittiest of cellular phones, making mobile posting possible. It's like I skipped one dumb Internet Thing and moved straight on to the next in terms of understanding, and that bugs me.

I keep mentally coming back to the fact that Facebook invades real life. I don't even mean the privacy aspect; I don't post on Facebook often enough or do enough embarrassing things for that to actually matter. What I speak of is the inexplicably powerful hold Facebook has on people's definition of their social lives. With Facebook, some weird-smelling guy in my statistics class can find me and attempt to friend me, and get incredibly offended and sad IN REAL LIFE when I fail to friend him back. People I actually interact with in reality have similar reactions to not being immediately friended. This renders Facebook's appeal annoying as shit to me, because the social conventions of meatspace dictate that I not tell these people that I don't want to friend them back because they're bleu cheese-scented social invalids or, GASP!, because I don't care enough to process my requests. Why do people get so twisted up about Facebook? No idea.

In a similar vein to the last item, I do not understand the appeal of Farmville. Not even Facebook games in general, I get that. Web games are fun. I do not understand why people continue to play Farmville, and I don't feel conflicted about that at all. No one I know who plays Farmville (and thank Christ I don't personally know many people who do) seems to actually enjoy the game. All they do is complain about milestones they have to reach, people who won't help them, gifts they keep receiving, and requests that don't get returned. It doesn't help that the game both looks and plays like a hot pile of curry sick. Yeah, I tried it. I could let it go at that if it was a game that just sank into obscurity, but no, people eat this shit up.

Aha! And now my hypocrisy becomes clearer than ever! Yes, I am indeed admitting that I do not understand the point or appeal of Dreamwidth on a Dreamwidth blog. Hypocrisy? Metaflaming? You be the judge.

I got a Dreamwidth account from a nice person throwing codes around for the express purpose of figuring just what the fuck is so groundbreaking about it. After a couple days of research, I have come up with only one thing: Jack. Crap. Beyond the surface level, I have found absolutely nothing about Dreamwidth that differentiates it from other LJ clones. InsaneJournal, for example, is very similar to Dreamwidth in it's LJ similarity, startling lack of activity, and lack of censorship in what its users post. How is Dreamwidth different from IJ? Let's see:

-It's pink! How do I make it not pink, by the way?
-It costs money! Well, usually.
-Those who do not give money only get 15 icons.
-The lack of censorship is worked into a nauseating mission statement rather than a byproduct of people just not caring.

The mission statement truly baffles me, because it seems to be a PR-injected restatement of the philosophy of the internet in general, which is "Do whatever, we're all freaks anyway." In fact, Dreamwidth slathers on a lot of PR mayo that most sites deem totally unnecessary. The entire purpose of the site appears to be appealing to people with Deviant Art accounts and persecution complexes. If you're an artist and have imagined yourself into a state in which you feel uncomfortable posting anywhere but places that state their love for freaks of all descriptions, Dreamwidth is for you!

I will tell you a secret: There is no Balrog standing at the gates of Livejournal barring any sort of weirdos from entering. Unless you're in China or on some sort of really thorough watchlist, you can get on Livejournal and post to your twisted little heart's content, especially if you're savvy about filtering and friendlocking shit. The vast majority of LJ users either don't give a shit or will never see your entries. The fuckery in 2007 was initiated by a third party group that could and would fuck Dreamwidth up just as badly.

I don't get it. I don't know what I was expecting when I joined, but it wasn't a pink version of Livejournal where I can read this in the FAQ

"Like bandwidth is a measure of how much information can be transferred, dreamwidth is a measure of how much creativity can be transferred."

God, that's just. Nauseating.
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